Doing Business with the Commonwealth of Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia buys almost $5 billion in goods, services and construction annually. This business-to-government market represents growth opportunities for Virginia firms interested in selling their products and services to state government.

Virginia’s government purchasing is conducted on eVA, the state’s electronic purchasing system. eVA is managed by the Department of General Services (DGS), the Commonwealth agency which oversees state purchasing and sets related policies. The Virginia Department of Business Assistance (DBA) has partnered with DGS to develop educational tools and provide outreach throughout the Commonwealth, helping businesses understand how to use the eVA system.

The Commonwealth is committed to having an open and fair government marketplace. In an effort to reach diversity among state government suppliers, and make sure that historically underutilized businesses gain access to state contracting opportunities, the Commonwealth is tracking state government spending with small, women and minority owned (SWAM) businesses. All Commonwealth agencies maintain procurement utilization plans, with targets for spending with SWAM firms. Having this designation can increase your opportunities as a state vendor. The Department of Minority Business Enterprise oversees the Commonwealth’s SWAM initiative and provides certification to firms interested in obtaining SWAM designation.